BUF of MI would like to recognize and thank Bank of America for being a major sponsor and supporter of the E.Y.E.S.  (Empowering Youth for Everyday Success) Initiative.

BUF of MI innovative Initiative titled E.Y.E.S.  (Empowering Youth for Everyday Success) addresses the need to supply children and youth with educational resources that help them succeed academically, financially and socially. Major project activities consist of the following:


Financial Literacy

We assist low income youth and families in Detroit in improving their understanding of how to obtain and manage money so they can live a financially stable and secure life.  Partnering with local financial organizations the program is delivered in the form of workshops, summits, one-on-one mentoring, camps and classroom training. Topics cover include how to use money to achieve financial goals, establishing positive financial attitudes and behavior, learning how to budget, the pitfall of credit cards and practicing good spending habits.  To date over 700 students have received financial literacy training. Our pre-/post test show a gain of 71% increase in knowledge, attitudes and practical behaviors with over 67% the youth opening up a bank account. The E.Y.E.S. Initiative will expand the program to 10 more charter, public and private schools in low income areas in Metro Detroit.


BUF 45

In October 2015 in commemoration of BUF’s 45th Anniversary, the BUF 45 program was launched with the goal of assisting 45 African American males, ages 13-21 in their academic, social and career plans over a 5 year period. BUF of MI continues to follow each of these young men and has provided them with a computer, educational and career-oriented field trips, a suit, trainings for success, information and referrals and a scholarship upon graduation from high school. The program is nearing its 2nd year of completion and 94%of the students are on track for graduation.


Project Aviation:

The Sky is Not the Limit

The program provides a positive forum for minority youth to explore the array of career opportunities available in the field of aviation/aerospace. Along with aviation partners, the program is delivered in the form of a weeklong A.S.T.E.M. Academy, weekend seminars, aviation career fairs, networking with aviation professionals and sharing of aviation resource information. To date, over 300 students, ages 10-21 have participated in the program.


Achieve and Accelerate:

Overcoming Child Literacy

Over the last two years, the Calvary Learning Center has helped to improve the reading, writing and mathematics skills of children by providing needed educational tools in the form of specific adaptive and assistive technology.  The program uses a remedial model based on a universal design approach that targets students in the early years struggling with reading and math.  Now in partnership with BUF of MI, the program plans to reach 100 more students in grades 3-5.